Jonathan Maxwell Wert

Jonathan Maxwell Wert, Sr.
27 JUN 1909 - 30 AUG 1989

George Lawrence Wert
20MAY 1872 -31 AUG 1946

Joseph Henry Wert
13 SEP 1841 - 13 JAN 1922

Jonathan Wert
23 SEP 1814 - 16 JAN 1909

John Wert
5 FEB 1786 - 11 FEB 1860

Johannes Wirth
25 JAN 1758 - 8 FEB 1805

Johann Adam Wirth
28 jul 1727 - 25 aug 1806

Johann Jacob Wirth
11 feb 1697 - Ca. 1735?

Henrich Wirth
Abt 16 __ - 4 MAR 1735

Johann Theiss Sohn
Abt 1650 - 21 NOV 1707

Abt 1625



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The WERT FAMILY HISTORY ASSOCIATION was formally established in 1990 after
Jonathan Wert had completed 25 years of research on surnames: WIRTH, WERT,
WIRT, and WERTZ, primarily in Pennsylvania. He tracked the ancestors and
descendants of his first ancestor to America, JOHANN ADAM WIRTH who was born in
Borod (Parish of Hochstenbach) in the Westerwald Region of Germany in 1727, and
died in Upper Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA. in 1806. Johann Adam Wirth
came to America on the Ship Two Brothers in 1753. He settled first near Lebanon, PA.
in what was then Lancaster County. After 1760 he moved his family to Lyken’s Valley
in the vicinity of the village of Killinger and town of Millersburg, PA. Johann Adam
Wirth married Eva Elizabeth Schnug (1730-1800).

After the second generation in America the spelling of the name WIRTH was changed
primarily to WERT and WIRT. However, there are numerous other spelling variations
of this name, e.g. Virt, Vert, Virts, Wuertz, etc. Johann Adam and Eva’s children
married into the surnames: MILLER, METZ, BRETZ, RADEL, ENTERLINE, SHEESLEY,
KITCH, and LOOS. Many of the Wert’s resided on farms around Killinger, PA. This
research has tracked the Wert’s from their places of birth to many other parts of the
country. The early Wert’s were strong Lutheran, and they helped establish the
Lutheran faith in Lyken’s Valley.

Data or information on the surnames researched is being stored in the computer using
Brother’s Keeper software. There are currently over
35,000 names in the data base.
This data base is invaluable to anyone researching their early and present roots,
particularly those who resided in Lyken’s Valley or Upper Paxton Township, Dauphin
County, PA.

Through the Association a Wert Family Newsletter is made available to
members. A Wert History including 15,000 names was published in 1996. Anyone
wishing to determine whether their surname or genealogical lines are in the data
base should contact
Jonathan Wert. The Association has the goal of collecting,
preserving and sharing information on Wert’s and their relatives and friends.


Fortunately, because of generous donors, we haven't had to charge a membership fee 
or charge for providing others with information on their lines from our data base. 

We operate totally on donations, and these donations are used to help defray the costs of
answering queries or inquiries, copying material, postage, printing the newsletter, and
restoring tombstones. We are currently receiving about fifty inquiries a month. 

If you would like to help develop and preserve our history and related
lines by making a donation, please make your check payable to: 

P.O. BOX 194, PORT ROYAL, PA 17082


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